Sunday, June 29, 2014

Steaming Foods Without a Steamer

Hi everyone! Do you like steaming food but do not have a vegetable steamer? Here's a quick and easy solution that uses what you already have in the kitchen.

1 - Take two plates that fit into a large dutch oven or stock pot pan.
2 - Put a small amount of water into the pan. About a 1/2 inch will do.
3 - Turn one plate upside down and place it into the pan.
4 - Place the second plate, eating-side up, on the overturned plate.
4 - Add your veggies or whatever else you want to steam.
5 - Turn the heat on.
6 - Cover the pan.
7 - Steam until food is poked done.

Plates are much easier to clean than those sometimes troubling commercially-made steamers.

Good luck!

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