Sunday, March 28, 2010

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Instead of turning to the doctor for a prescription or going to the store for appetite suppressants, try some natural remedies. You can feel full by consuming fewer calories. These techniques will fill you up the quick and easy way. Plus, they are easy on your budget.

Drink a glass of water 30 minutes prior to eating your meal. The water fills you up, and is a natural appetite suppressant. You won't want to eat as much. Also, choose water instead of carbonated beverages to save on calories while also improving your health. Drink water throughout the day to keep your body properly flushed.

Eat broth-based soup. You can either eat your soup 20-30 minutes prior to your regular meal, or choose the soup as your main dish. Choosing broth or vegetable-based soup instead of cream-based soups will give you less calories and fat. Making (or enjoying) a bowl of vegetable soup will provide you with nutrients and fiber. So, in addition to getting healthy, you will be filling yourself up from the fiber. Personally, I enjoy making a pot of minestrone soup and eating a cup of it as a main dish. Having some whole grain crackers (made without shortening or partially hydrogenated oils) with my soup rounds out my meal before dessert. Dessert is usually a bowl of nonfat frozen yogurt or fresh banana. Water is my chosen beverage. Great stuff!

Snack on nutrient-rich, fiberful foods. Instead of snacking on dense, fatty foods such as potato chips or convenience foods, choose alternatives. Fresh fruits and vegetables will give you nutrients and fiber at the same time. This will quench your appetite and need to eat more. Apple slices with peanut butter or lowfat cheese, hummus on whole wheat crackers, or munching on baby carrots and broccoli cuts are good ideas.

Get more whole grains into your diet. Substituting whole grains foods for foods made with refined flours will not only supply you with valuable fiber, you will be getting more nutrients. Read the food labels. The ingredients need to state “whole grain” not “enriched” or some other word for refined. For instance, I have noticed that whole grain Cheerios have “whole oats” as the number one ingredient. Knock-offs claiming to be the equivalent, have “oat flour” (which is the refined version of the whole oat) as the main ingredient. They are not the same. Choose whole grain products including cereals, breads, crackers, snack items and pastas – just to name a few.

Eat more apples. Apples are rich sources of fiber, pectin and nutrients. Fiber takes longer to digest, leaving you feeling fuller for longer periods of time. In addition to snacking on apples, try eating one 30 minutes prior to a meal. You may be surprised with how full you feel. :)

Use your imagination. It is not as difficult as you may think to cut your appetite the healthy way. After doing it for a while, it will become a natural part of your life.

There are two websites I found that I wanted to pass along. You can get more information on eating less calories to lose weight by visiting the Mayo Clinic's site at Another one I found is located at:


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Friday, March 26, 2010

Slow-Cooked Herbed Salmon

This recipe involves a crockpot, something I use on a regular basis. It is so easy, anyone can do it. The results give the appearance of special culinary skills. It's fun....

It is an great and tasty way to get your Omega-3s and heart-healthy salmon into your meal:

3-ounces salmon
Italian seasoning

Just cover the crockpot's bottom with water. Place the salmon into the crockpot. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning. If you don't have Italian seasonin, use oregano, parsley, basil, thyme and rosemary.

Turn crockpot on high. Place lid onto pot. For extra insulation, I like to cover the lid with a thick towel.

Cook for about 1 hour. Turn the salmon over and sprinkle with other side with the spices. Cook for about another hour. Make certain there is enough liquid underneath the salmon to avoid sticking or browning.

When done, remove salmon from pot and serve. You may want to squeeze a fresh orange or lemon onto the salmon prior to serving. This provides extra flavor.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eating for Hair Growth

Concerned about your hair health and its growth rate? Here is some information...

The main nutrient in hair is protein says the Mayo Clinic. So, a natural remedy that can improve your hair health and growth rate involves eating foods that contain protein. The protein can be from either plant-based or animal-based sources.

Soy is a plant-based, protein-rich source that you can use to your advantage. Soy foods include tofu, tempeh, miso, soy milk and various meatless dishes. Usually, the food packaging will state the type of protein the product contains. (At least they should.)

Of course, there are a variety of animal-based protein sources. These include beef, lamb, veal, venison, poultry and seafood.

Make certain to include the protein as part of a well-balanced diet in order to gain as many benefits as possible.