Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some Processed Foods Are Good For You

Ok, I know you purists are probably gasping. With so much type today about the evils of processed food, it is important to realize that there are some good ones. Here's a little history...

Back in the 1970's (a fantastic time of life, by the way)...there was something known as brown rice syrup. It was purported to be a wonderful alternative to high fructose corn syrup and other commercially prepared sweeteners. Only the “peace-loving hippies” and natural food enthusiasts knew about it. You could only find it in “health food stores”, food co-ops and similar places. forward to the 2013 year. While perusing the syrup aisle at my local food franchise chain, I find an interesting bottle with an “ALL NATURAL” printed on it. Underneath this description is a smaller print stating “table syrup.” Hmm...My curious is sparked.

I pick up the attractive container and notice Log Cabin is the manufacturer.

The front label clearly states...”No hugh fructose corn syrup.” Upon reading the ingredients, I notice that brown rice syrup is the number one ingredient! Combine that with added sugar and brown sugar and you have a healthier syrup substitute. (I could do without the added sugar and brown sugar, though...)

Anyways, I purchased the bottle. tastes DELICIOUS!! It must be kept refrigerated. The cost is not that much more expensive than high fructose syrup-containing versions. is a processed food that is actually a viable option for those needing to satisfy their sweet tooth in a healthier manner.

Kudos Log Cabin!!

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