Sunday, February 14, 2010

Understanding Soy Milk Varieties

When buying soy milk it's important to read the label. Just because something appears “healthy” doesn't mean it is. In my natural foods classes, I teach my students about the different types of soy milk. It helps increase awareness. Here's the scoop...

Unsweetened. This means that the milk consists of only soy beans and water. Make certain the water is unfiltered for the best results.

Plain. This does not mean unadulterated. Plain means that it is unsweetened soy milk with the addition of a sweetener. Usually the sweetener is organic sugar. There are other sweeteners used, however.

Vanilla. Vanilla soy milk is plain soy milk with the addition of vanilla flavoring.

Chocolate. Chocolate soy milk is plain soy milk with the addition of chocolate flavoring. Sometimes there are added ingredients on top of this.

Flavors. There are currently a variety of flavored-soy milks on the marketplace. Some include fruit mixtures such as mango, pineapple and orange. Be sure to read the ingredients to find out the exact ingredients. Usually these flavored versions have extra sugars.

There are so many soy milks on the market now, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Hope this helps.

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