Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need Quick Energy?

Instead of taking a swig of those highly-caffeinated "energy" drinks, running to your doctor for a prescription or popping one of those over-the-counter "high energy" pills, here's a natural solution for getting more energy...

Eat some broccoli. We all know that broccoli is now labeled as a superfood since it is so high in a wide variety of nutrients. Well, I know it as being a natural medicine for increasing my energy level.

For years, whenever I feel "too pooped to participate", I simply steam up a batch of broccoli and enjoy it. No sauces, cheeses, butter or coating of any kind. Just plain and simple broccoli at its finest. I have found that the organic variety is tastier than mass-manufactured form, but has the same energy effect. 

So, the next time you feel run down and so tired you cannot function properly, try this natural and nutritious solution.

Good luck and enjoy!

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